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Advanced Rider Training - Braking and Cornering (BCC)

Schedules will be posted soon, please continue to monitor the website for updates.

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The Advance Rider Training - Braking and Cornering Clinic (BCC) is designed for fully endorsed/licensed riders with current street-riding experience. Braking and cornering are skills identified as absent or lacking in the majority of accidents involving motorcyclists. Your participation in this 5-hour clinic is designed to improve your braking and cornering skills and give you the confidence needed to handle emergency braking and cornering situations.

A valid Class 2 driver's license, car/light truck/motorcycle endorsement, is required to take the Advanced Rider Training - Braking and Cornering Clinic (BCC). Proof of vehicle insurance MUST also be presented at the time of class. In addition to proper license and insurance, you MUST provide the following:

  • Your own 2-wheel motorcycle/scooter (there is no size restriction, but it must be in safe operating condition), 3-wheel motorcycles are NOT allowed.
  • DOT approved helmet (preferably ¾ or full face)
  • Eye protection: face shield, goggles or, at a minimum, glasses
  • Full-fingered riding gloves. Leather work gloves are acceptable. Cotton gloves are NOT acceptable.
  • Motorcycle jacket or, at a minimum, a long sleeve shirt
  • Riding pants/sturdy jeans (full length)
  • Over-the-ankle boots (avoid boots with leather soles and/or high heels)

The Advanced Rider Training - Braking and Cornering Clinic (BCC) takes place on the skills range (parking lot) on your own 2-wheel motorcycle. There is no classroom or testing of riding skills tied to successful completion.

Tuition for the Advanced Rider Training - Braking and Cornering Clinic (BCC) is $80 plus tax ($85.20).

IMPORTANT: We urge you to choose your class carefully to avoid having to cancel or reschedule. Out of consideration for the many people who want to take our classes, we observe the following policies: 1) No rescheduling without payment of an additional FULL tuition; 2) No refunds are granted. If you have questions regarding the registration and rescheduling policies, call the South Dakota Safety Council at 605-361-7785 / 1.800.952.5539 or email us at [email protected]. All registrations are final. NO REFUNDS are issued, and NO RESCHEDULING is allowed without payment of an additional FULL tuition.

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