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AEDs in the Workplace: The Power to Save a Life

Phillips HeartStart Defibrillators — effective, reliable and easy to use — allow your employees to treat the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest by delivering a shock quickly and effectively — providing the power to save a life.
OnSite Philips HeartStart Onsite Defibrillator
The first and only AED available without a prescription, the Onsite is designed to be the easiest to set up and use. With clear, calm voice instructions, it guides the user through each step of defibrillation, including CPR coaching.
Package Price: $1,665 + tax
FRX Philips HeartStart FRx Defibrillator
The HeartStart FRx is designed for easy use — rugged and reliable for those who get there first. An ideal option for treating sudden cardiac arrest in environments and conditions too demanding for many other defibrillators.
Package Price: $1,995 + tax
AED packageIncluded Package Accessories:
  • Defibrillator cabinet - wall mount, constructed of heavygauge steel
  • Carry case - constructed of semi-rigid materials, holds a variety of supplies
  • Fast response kit - tools and supplies needed for patient care and personal protection
  • Adult pads - extra set


NOTE: Due to Covid-related global supply chain issues combined with high demand, Philips is experiencing a longer than expected backorder (up to six months) on all their products, including batteries and pads.

Expiration Dating

Philips AED batteries have a 4-year life expectancy from the date of installation. Prior to installation, they have a 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacture printed on the battery. A best practice is to use a sharpie to write the installation date on the battery so you can estimate its life expectancy while functioning in green light blinking ready mode. As long as the green light is blinking, the battery is good to go.


All defibrillator pads have expiration dates that are determined by manufacturer testing data that is reviewed and cleared by the FDA. The industry standard for pads life expectancy was two years when Philips FDA clearance was granted. Philips pads expiration dating is in compliance with the FDA labeling requirements. Regarding pads maintenance/replacement, please note that Philips FDA cleared IFU (Section 5.1, pg. 47) states…"replace any used, damaged or expired supplies and accessories"... Please note: as long as the ready light is blinking green, the pads integrity has not been compromised and they will deliver the shocks needed for a save.

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